About Us

LOKE, KING, GOH & PARTNERS is a long-standing law firm based in the land of Borneo located at Kuching, Sarawak.

It started out as a merger between Loke, King & Co. Advocates and Goh & Partners Advocates in 2002. Loke, King & Co. Advocates was originally formed on 4th January, 1977 whereas Goh & Partners Advocates was originally formed on 12th October, 1984.  Today we have a team of dedicated lawyers in its provision of legal and professional advice.

Embracing the progress and development of the nation, the firm has also expanded its legal expertise into various areas of law, reflecting the depth and complexities of modern business and financial transactions and also the needs of society as a whole.

Today, Loke, King, Goh & Partners is a full service legal firm delivering practical and effective legal solutions to a large cross-section of the business community and public at large. Our clients include private individuals such as domestic and corporate businesses as well as multi-national companies and quasi-governmental organisations from a broad spectrum of industries.

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